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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Your Lady Love

Hard to believe, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This tends to strike fear in the hearts of most men who have a significant other in their life, but we at Lucifer’s Garage are here to help quell those fears and get your lady love just the perfect gift.

Lucifer’s Garage is at the top of alternative clothing stores, bringing together all the best brands for ladies and gents. When you need ladies zip-up hoodies, yoga pants, trucker hats, and women’s T-shirts (and so much more!), we are the place to shop. We carry brands such as Red Devil Clothing, Beautiful Disaster, Pinky Star, and Seduce and Destroy, to name a few. What are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

Here are some Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife or girlfriend.

Ladies Zip-Up Hoodies

We carry a huge selection of ladies’ hoodies, but one, in particular, is absolutely perfect to give on the most romantic day of the year. The Women’s Sacred Heart hoodie by Heathen Productions comes in black (of course) and features a magenta winged heart with a torch just left of center. On the lower right hip is Heathen’s logo with a rose.

Skull Yoga Pants

Look. It doesn’t matter if she’s doing downward facing dog religiously, or if she’s just committed to staying very comfortable when she’s lounging at home. Whatever her reason for wearing yoga pants, one thing is certain: they look amazing on her. You’ll love the “Gwen” Yoga Pants by Beautiful Disaster. These black skull yoga pants have a super flattering foldover waist, with slightly flared legs.

The Best Trucker Hats

You love your favorite trucker hat, but they look even better on her (we won’t tell). The best trucker hats for ladies are at Lucifer’s Garage. We have a few designs she’ll love. The LA Trucker Hat by Beautiful Disaster is a two-tone cap that is hot pink and white, with black letters. Or, if your lady has a bit of an edge, you might go for the Brass Knuckle Trucker Hat by Heathen Productions.

Women’s T-shirts

The T-shirt is a staple in any woman’s wardrobe, and they make the perfect gift. Lucifer’s Garage carries an almost endless supply of graphic T-shirts for women from the brands you love. Check out Cherry Flavor by Seduce & Destroy, which is a cotton candy pink tee with a bright red cherry on the front. For something that’s romantic with a bit of bite, see our Cut Your Heart T-shirt by Pinky Star, with a grid of hearts, one of which has a dagger through it. Or go for In Lust We Trust by Seduce & Destroy, which comes in black and says “In Lust We Trust” in the hottest pink.

Get the ball rolling on your Valentine’s Day shopping at Lucifer’s Garage. She will love the ladies’ zip-up hoodies, skull yoga pants, the best trucker hats, and women’s T-shirts that we carry, but she’ll love you even more for getting them for her. Shop online now!